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Hollis Arban


The Story within the Story

Hollis honestly and candidly shares his story of love, success and failure through his fictional character, Hal, as Hal becomes a friend and mentor to a young family he meets in the park on a beautiful Autumn day.  You will enjoy his cast of characters.

Introduces Struggles of the Soul

at the Mississippi Book Festival

August 18 in Jackson, MS.  Join us and meet lots of Mississippi Authors  

including  Mr. Arban



What's Ahead


Mississippi Book Festival

Jackson MS — August 18

Author, Hollis Arban, will also be at the Mississippi Book Festival this weekend in Jackson. Unlike highly anticipates thrillers like McLaughlin’s “Bear Skin” and Steven Mack Jones’s “August Snow” Mr. Arban’s “Struggles of the Soul” published by Legaia Books is an easy reading fiction about an old guy who meets a young family in the park on a beautiful Autumn day and becomes a friend of the family. 

What makes Struggles of the Soul worthy of reading is Mr. Arban’s presentation of the impact one person can have on a community. You will love Jen, Jimmy and Johnny as Hal inspires each to reach for the stars.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that at age 81 the real “Mr. A” still lives out the role of Hal, teaching middle school math and playing tennis with his young friends. Hollis is also working on three new stories, one is “Middle School Max” about a cool 8th grade teen who has his act together and is making an impact for Jesus in a world that tells us not to talk about religion. 

All profit from sale of Struggle of the Soul are committed to charity.