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AUTHOR'S NOTE:   Sometimes in life we meet someone special. We cannot always tell you why that person is special to us or when they became special; it just happens. That is the case with me and the person who inspired my book. She was only two years old when we meet, but some- thing happened along the way and we became "Best Buddies Forever"  You will meet her in my story as Liz.   It is said that "Fortunate is the person who has one good friend."  If so, I am blessed among the fortunate for I have many true friends who went beyond the call of friendship by supporting me financially and emotionally during my financial freefall. Although my descent never stopped until the ground caught me, your friendship, respect and love along the way gave me courage for my struggle. I appreciate you greatly, and I have not forgotten.   

About our Author . . .

Hollis Arban, a teacher, writer, athlete, and entrepreneur, was born on a cold February day in 1937 as America was struggling to recover from the economic depression of 1929 and the world was preparing for war in Europe, and he became the 12th child of true American Pioneers. Hollis grew up on Beaty Street and attended high school in Athens, Alabama. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Physics at Athens State College while working full-time at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He met and married Marie Williams, who was also working for the Center. Hollis and Marie resigned their positions at MSFC in 1965 and relocated to South Florida where Hollis developed software and Marie became a court reporter. In 1985 Hollis sold his software company, Computer Resources, Inc., and in 2003, he returned to his first love, the classroom, where he still teaches math for fun and works-out with the tennis team. 

What Readers are saying about Struggles of the Soul:

As an avid reader, I was intrigued by this story of a man continually tested by corporate and personal challenges.  With anticipation, I followed along, watching the refinement of his heart.   An excellent read.  Lyn Auwaerter, Computer Resources, Inc., retired


This book shows us glimpses of the heart, in good times and bad.  As you read, you will feel like the author is just chatting with you.   George Williams, Strategic Solutions, LLC 


A fun fluid novel indeed.  Based on real people and events, it tells one man's story of success, failure, and recovery.  A moving compassionate story reflecting the power of a strong heart.  Ingrid Riechmann, Language Arts teacher  

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