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INTRODUCTION: Paper Clips Magazine will introduce Struggles of the Soul in their January edition.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:   Sometimes in life we meet someone special. We cannot always tell you why that person is special to us or when they became special; it just happens. That is the case with me and the person who inspired my book. She was only two years old when we meet, but some- thing happened along the way and we became "Best Buddies Forever"  You will meet her in my story as Liz.   It is said that "Fortunate is the person who has one good friend."  If so, I am blessed among the fortunate for I have many true friends who went beyond the call of friendship by supporting me financially and emotionally during my financial freefall. Although my descent never stopped until the ground caught me, your friendship, respect and love along the way gave me courage for my struggle. I appreciate you greatly, and I have not forgotten.  

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BeatyStreet.com has committed 100% of the profits from the sale of autographed copies of Struggles of the Soul ordered for the Holidays.  Profits will go to Mr. Arban's PCS Youth Projects.   Reserve your copy now and help a good cause. 

What Readers are saying about Struggles of the Soul:

As an avid reader, I was intrigued by this story of a man continually tested by corporate and personal challenges.  With anticipation, I followed along, watching the refinement of his heart.   An excellent read.  Lyn Auwaerter, Computer Resources, Inc., retired


This book shows us glimpses of the heart, in good times and bad.  As you read, you will feel like the author is just chatting with you.   George Williams, Strategic Solutions, LLC 


A fun fluid novel indeed.  Based on real people and events, it tells one man's story of success, failure, and recovery.  A moving compassionate story reflecting the power of a strong heart.  Ingrid Riechmann, Language Arts teacher  

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We All Have Choices

  As I knelt by my upstairs window to pray, I saw a guy sitting on the wall in my backyard, looking in my basement window. In an instant, I realized who he was and what he was doing behind my house. Without thinking, I calmly turned, opened my safe and removed my revolver, where it was kept out of reach of the teenagers. As I spun the cylinder to make sure there was a bullet in the chamber, I wondering if I could knock the beer can out of his hand without hitting him in the chest … and did I care?”   We all have choices.  The secret is in the choosing     

Excerpt Chapter 20

Reflections. . .

 A few days after Hal left town, my family was reflecting, over dinner, on times when Hal had been dining with us, and reminiscing about things that had happened or that someone had said. Johnny looked at Jimmy and asked: Should we tell about our game with the college kids in the park? Jimmy thought a few seconds and said, Sure. Okay with you Jen Jen said, Okay with me. Johnny began the story . . . It was a Saturday Hal's 70th birthday. Mom, remember you asked us to keep Hal out of the house until 7PM so you could decorate for his surprise party? . . .Being subtle as usual, Jimmy called Hal and said, How bout a little game of 2 on 2 for your birthday, unless you need your rest, Old Timer? That's how it started.  When we got to the park, Hal was chatting with 4 college kids, in town for some marine biology project. Jimmy invited them to join us, but insisted that the 4 of us stay together we were a team and besides, you guys wouldn't want this old guy or this little kid on your team. The teams were obviously pretty uneven and we were getting beat pretty bad that afternoon when Hal called for time and asked us to sit for a minute. When we were seated on the grass, Hal sat smiling at us for a minute then said, They're trouncing us pretty bad aren't they gang? Wouldn't it be a coup if we could make a comeback and kick their butts? We just stared at him, then, Jimmy said, Let's do it!  I don't think Jimmy and Hal knew how to concede defeat. . .  One of those guys had been heckling Jimmy while he was playing QB, and he had been a little rough on Jen once when tagging her. I think that's what made Hal call time. As we all know, Hal is very protective of his little partner on and off the field. Today, as I reflect-back on that day in the park, I understand what really happened after we returned to the field. You see, one day I had asked Hal why 8-year-old kids could always outrun him, but Jimmy and I never could. Hal smiled and said, "Son, the secret to fun and friendship is in knowing how to lose when you don't have to and to win when you are not expected to." Now, it's clear. That afternoon in the park, Hal had someone he was not expected to beat, but he decided he was going to! Johnny paused a minute, replaying something in his mind. Then he said, I really wish you had seen that Dad! You two have never seen Hal mad and you have never seen him go crazy on the field! But let me tell you about Hal's best game ever. Anyway, when we returned to the field that day, Hal was all business. He told Jimmy he'd call a few plays. He started running the ball on every play. One man simply couldn't cover him. I can personally assure you that all Hal needs is one step and you aren't likely to catch him. He would set me and Jimmy wide and let Jen snap the ball. If the rusher was on Jen's left, Hal would run right, and if he was on her right, he would run left. When our coverage turned to cut him off, he'd just lob the ball over them to one of us, or fake a lob and keep going...Hal absolutely loved running with the ball and he could come at you wide open, plant his foot in the turf, right in front of you, and do a 90 degree turn without breaking stride. The guys started playing Jimmy and me man-to-man, and rushed two guys wide to stop Hal from running the ball, but Hal was ready for that. He had told Jimmy and me anytime they rushed two, regardless of the play he called, we were to take one step and go to the sideline fast, leaving Jen uncovered in the middle. And he told Jen on every play she was to take one step across the line, turn around and be ready. she'd know what to do. Hal had a way of ignoring Jen until the defense forgot her. So, when the guys rushed two guys wide, Hal would run straight at one of the rushers - left or right; it didn't matter - and flip the ball underhanded to Jen, who was left wide open in the middle. She would catch the ball and pitch it high and wide so Hal could catch it as he ran past the rusher. If our coverage cut him off, Hal would jump straight up, spin in the air and lob the ball basketball style over their head to me or Jimmy coming down the sideline. Dad, it was like he went berserk but never lost his control, and if he ever got tired, it wasn't noticeable. In no time, we'd made up two touchdowns when the wise guy that had been heckling Jimmy earlier, pushed Jen down as he rushed, to keep her out of the play. . . . When he did that, Hal just stopped with the ball in his hand and looked at the kid as Jen got up. . . . . .   

 Well, if you like it, why not go to Amazon and get a copy. . .  I would be honored.  Hollis  

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For the Holiday Season, Beaty Street is donating all profit from the sale of Struggles of the to Soul Mr. Arban's 2017/18 math student's project fund. They are designing and building a model suspension bridge.

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